Cyprus Investment Properties & Buy to Let


It is not a secret that buying Cyprus Investment Properties and buy to let property is still the most secure and simple way of building a significant asset base with little risk. With the UK house market stagnant, and returns on money deposited in the bank being very low - many investors are looking at Cyprus Investment Property opportunities



cyprus investment properties

cyprus investment properties

As property prices are considerably lower than other destinations like Spain this trend is predicted to continue. Cyprus also has the advantage of a well regulated legal system thus avoiding some of the well documented problems with purchasing property in Spain. Being in a central location Cyprus has visitors and investors from a wide area including the Middle East, Russia, Scandinavia, as well as the UK and Ireland.

Southern Cyprus has been a popular holiday destination for many years and with the continuing demand for second homes, and the increased demand for retirement homes, the market has continued to strengthen. Joining the EU in May 2004 has helped the situation further with Cyprus Investment property prices seeing rises most years.

cyprus investment property


With the continued boom in tourism as well as retirees looking to live abroad - Cyprus with its 320 days of sunshine per year and advantageous tax regime (retirees only pay 5% tax on their worldwide income) is a very attractive destination and therefore there is constant demand for Cyprus Investment properties. Property prices, like elsewhere, have dropped over the last 2 years but now demand is increasing and this is the RIGHT TIME TO BUY . 3 years ago the bulk or property purchases were from British people ( some estimate 80%), now this has dropped considerably and much of the demand is from other countries. Russians are buying In Cyprus as it is seen as a 'safe and secure' country. Scandinavains are buying as properrty prices seem low compared to their own country - but a fast expanding market is to 'ex pats' living and working in the Middle East who have traditionally returned to britain but now looking for a home in the sun whilst taking advantage of the advantageous tax regime in Cyprus.

Buy through A20 Real Estate Cyprus Investment Property Division:

  • We can show you a wide range of Cyprus investment properties and opportunities.
  • With the right property you can average a return of 15%/ year
  • Good rental returns - 5 % after letting costs
  • Investment opportunities from as little as 10% deposit
  • Mortgages arranged
  • We can make all necessary arrangements - legal, financial, as well as furnishing and letting your property
  • Free inspection flight if buying more than one property

Not all of the above are obtainable from every developer so please contact us with your requirements and we will prepare a package of the best Cyprus investment properties for you. For more information on these sound and exciting investment opportunities contact Peter Howard.


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