Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus Residency

Cyprus Permanent Residency

As a non-EU national, PERMANENT RESIDENCY in Cyprus provides unique advantages. Through investment or the purchase of property, residency could provide better proximity to the EU for business or personal affairs.

The permanent residency can be achieved by an application under Regulation 6(2) or under Category F. Both have the same effect but have four main differences: The permit normally arrives in about 45 days.

Regulation 6 (2)

An application takes 2 months to be complete

To apply you must make a fixed deposit of €30,000 for three years

You must purchase of new property, not one that is for resale

Children above 18 can apply for P.R. and they get it for life. The children below 18 at the time of application get residency for life, however, need to renew it when they turn 18

The parents of the applicant can secure the Permanent residency.

Category F

An application takes 10-12 months Under this category, you do not have to make any fixed deposit

Any property either new or for resale is admissible

Children under 18 when they become 18 lose their P.R. status and they cannot get it later unless they purchase a property and apply separately themselves

The parents of the applicant cannot secure permanent residency under this category


TEMPORARY RESIDENCE for non-European citizens

This can be acquired by purchasing/renting a property and providing evidence of sufficient income to support the individual and any dependents.

Your application will take a minimum of 2 months for approval, once submitted.

Under this category you must stay in the country until the application for temporary residence is approved.

Temporary residency must be renewed annually and the applicant must reside in Cyprus for at least 183 days per year.

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