Neo Chorio

With stunning views over both the surrounding mountains and the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea, the traditional village of Neo Chorio which dates back 300 years is at the gateway of the world famous Akamas National Park.

Its current population is 519 people and it is justly famous for the warm and friendly welcomes with which visitors are greeted.

The narrow streets which are lined by properties over 100 years old include coffee shops and restaurants which specialise in serving mouth-watering freshly produced  traditional meals including Kleftico, Moussaka and of course Meze.

The church of St Minas which was completed in 1912 dominates the charming village square complete with its numerous frescos..

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who emerged from the froth of the sea in Paphos in 3,200 BC, was said to enjoy the privacy of a clear, cool spring in this area. Apparently, though, it wasn’t so private as this is when her Cypriot lover Adonis first saw her. This spring is called the Baths of Aphrodite, and can be reached whilst wandering along one of the many nature trails in the region surrounding Neo Chorio  By the way, look out for goats grazing nearby, or a few free-roaming donkeys.

For the dedicated sun-worshipper, the beaches near Neo Chorio are full of sunbathers in the summer and there are many small and large beaches to satisfy every taste. From a secluded, sandy beach to a bustling, pebbly beach, there are plenty to be found in this area.

For those who fancy lunch out of the sun, Smigies picnic grounds about three kilometres from Neo Chorio is a delightful spot to rest.

Neo Chorio is essentially a traditional Cypriot village which is evidenced by the local crafts including weaving using a traditional loom and pottery at local workshops.

All in all, there is plenty to see around Neo Chorio and the cool climate makes exploring even more enjoyable, whether on foot, by bicycle or car. The culture of traditional Cyprus is very much alive in this area and the region exudes atmosphere. It has the advantage of being close to the hustle and bustle of a small town with all its tourist trappings and yet there are areas where you can imagine that you have travelled centuries back in time.

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