Built at an altitude of 410 metres it is fairly obvious that some of the most spectacular views in the island of Cyprus can be enjoyed from the village of Simou.

These views include not only sea views but also uninterrupted views of the Troodos mountains as well as the picturesque Evretou Dam

The village, which lies 15 kms south east of Polis is dominated by its charming traditional village square with its numerous coffee houses and local amenities.

Simou Village square has become world famous for its Pistacia Atlantica (Atlantic Mastic Tree) which  is reported to be over one thousand years old. It has a stem girth of 6.25 metres and a height of 14 Metres.

Even in a country renowned for the friendliness of its inhabitants, the special welcome afforded by the locals of Simou is justly famous.

Citrus trees, almonds, wheat and lentils are cultivated here and just 2 kilometres away is the medieval, Venetian SKARFOU bridge.

Former researchers believe that the village took its name from the settler or owner of the region who was named "Simos" or "Simon". Another theory is that the village has been in existence since the Byzantine times and its name originates from the name Simon, one of Christ's Apostles.

Come and visit Simou village square on a sleepy summers Sunday afternoon to experience Cyprus at its most Cypriot!

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